What if my daughter is disruptive during the conference?

If your daughter is disruptive during the day of the conference, we will call you and ask you to pick her up using the phone number you listed when registering.

When and where is the next San Joaquin Expanding Your Horizons (SJEYH) conference?

Please refer to our website main page for the latest EYH Conference news or download the latest brochure.

What is Expanding Your Horizons (EYH)?

The San Joaquin EYH is an annual career conference specially designed for girls in grades 6 through 12 in the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties. The conference encourages interest in science and mathematics and provides positive female role models in science, math, and engineering careers. Registration is limited to 550 girls. The EYH Student Packet provides information about EYH, attending an EYH workshop, and careers in science and math.

What will my daughter do at EYH?

Your daughter will participate in three workshops that will be taught by scientists, engineers, or other professionals and involve hands-on interactive instruction.

My daughter's friend received a postcard or brochure. Why didn't my daughter receive one?

The postcards are distributed to past attendees. Brochures are sent to local clubs and math/science teachers in the local schools if we have their approval. Some schools have the brochure on their websites and/or announce the conference in their school newsletters or in classes. You can always find the brochure on our website too.

Are there other EYH conferences in the area?

EYH conferences are part of the EYH Network, a national program that is headquartered in Oakland. Other EYH conference locations can be determined by going to the EYH Network webpage. Follow the link for the conference locator. There are several conferences in the greater Bay Area that occur at various times throughout the school year.

My daughter has a special diet. What food is provided?

Conference attendees are given a snack and lunch. Lunch is usually hamburgers and veggie burgers. Cookies and water are also provided.

My daughter has a food allergy or other medical consideration. What can I do?

Although we have chaperones attending to each group of conference attendees, most are not medically trained as they are all volunteers. If your daughter has a food allergy or similar medical consideration that requires special attention, we welcome you to be her chaperone for the day! Please volunteer as a chaperone at Add a comment that you'd like to be the chaperone of your daughter's group due to an allergy, and we'll place you in her group.

For those with peanut allergies: Although our caterer does not provide food with peanuts, unfortunately, they cannot make any guarantees on cross-contamination. We realize this is not perfect; however, we welcome you to bring your own lunch and snacks!


When does registration open?

Please refer to our website main page for the latest SJEYH Conference news. Registration usually opens on in September this year. Space is limited and the conference fills up quickly. We encourage you to register early.

How do I register my daughter(s) for the conference?

The preferred method of registration is online via the Conference Registration link on the SJEYH home page. The registration fee is $20.00 per student.

If you elect to register and pay online, registration can be completed in one easy process. First, you will need to enter your daughter's information. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website to make your online payment. Your daughter will receive her group assignment and assigned workshops at registration on the day of the conference.

Please note! We are limited to 550 attendees. Once we fill up, we can no longer accept registrations. It is best not to wait until last minute.

Is there a fee for using PayPal?

The nominal fee for using PayPal is covered by EYH. Your cost is only $20.

What if we cannot afford the registration fee?

Fee Waivers are available. See the Fee Waivers page for more information.

I paid for the conference but now cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

To request a refund, send an email to Refund requests will be considered individually, as we cannot refund close to the conference date after Tshirts and food have been ordered.

Can my daughter come as a stand-by on the day of the conference?

We do not allow day-of registrations. Please pre-register.

You can also locate other Expanding Your Horizons conferences in the area at Please come back to San Joaquin EYH next year and register early.


Can my daughter register even though she's not yet in 6th grade?

Unfortunately, no. Due to security and space limitations and the popularity of the conference, we are forced to turn away students every year even within the advertised 6th–12th grade group. Also, the curriculum content is geared to this age group. We welcome you to come back when your daughter is in the 6th grade!

We do not live in the San Joaquin area, but our daughter is in grades 6-12. Can she register?

Yes, she may register. You do not need to live in the San Joaquin area to attend the conference. Daughters of volunteers who live outside the area are also welcome to attend but need to register for the conference like everyone else.

My daughter has a conflict and would arrive late. Can she still attend?

Please send an email to with information on her estimated arrival time to determine the best course of action for her.

My daughter needs to leave the conference early. What will she miss?

Please send an email to with information on her estimated departure time so we can make arrangements with chaperone escorts. If she leaves early, she might miss a workshop or the closing ceremony with raffle prizes.

Can my son attend?

The conference is geared towards girls. Boys in grades 6–12 may attend, but they should understand this is a girl-serving program and they may be the only boy at the conference. We also require attendees to wear the conference Tshirt for safety and security reasons, and it might be a feminine color.

Can I be with my daughter at the conference or come in with her when I drop her off?

Your daughter needs to be mature enough to attend the conference without a parent. You may not tag along with her at the conference. Parents who would like to volunteer may sign up as a chaperone volunteer online, and request to chaperone their daughters’ group.

Where should I pick up my daughter at 3:00 p.m.?

Both the opening and the closing are in the University Center. You and your daughter should decide on a meeting place that works best for you.

What should my daughter wear or bring to the conference?

Comfortable shoes should be worn, as they will need to walk between workshops. A watch and a coat or jacket is recommended if the weather is chilly.


What if my daughter does not like the workshops she gets?

The EYH conference is designed so as to expand your daughter's horizons and for her to learn new things! Please help her keep an open mind to try something new. Workshops are assigned when trying to accommodate the various requests such as “group with” requests, chaperone requests, and their past attendance. Workshop limits are set so that each girl gets personal attention and hands-on experience.

My daughter wants to be in the same workshop as her friend, sister, etc., and won't go if she can't be. Can she get in?

We cannot guarantee the same workshops (but do our best!), but we can coordinate your daughter's schedule for the day so that she has the same lunch as her friends or sister. Please indicate the name(s) of the girl(s) she wishes to be coordinated with in the comment area when she registers.

When do we know what workshops were assigned to our daughter?

Your daughter will receive her workshop assignments when she picks up her registration package the morning of the conference.

In Case of an Emergency

In case of an emergency, how do I contact the conference organizers on the day of the conference?

Visit the Volunteer station (manned all day at Anderson Hall). Email will not be checked on conference day.

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