The day starts with registration,
the opening ceremony and a short keynote speech
from a Math, Science or Engineering professional.



Students attend 3 different workshops
(below are some samples)


Citrus Fruit Battery
Students made a battery using oranges and lemons to
power a small LCD display.

Computer Repair and Networking
During this hands-on workshop girls had the opportunity to learn about the internal hardware of a computer.
They dismantled a working computer, identified and discussed the internal components, and rebuilt the system.

Lego Mindstorms
Girls discovered the many robots that we use every day. They built, programmed, and ran a
real LEGO™ robot, then participated in a robot war!

Ubiquitous Electronics
Students built a small electronic toy
using soldering equipment.

Fun with Science
An interactive hands-on presentation demonstrating
basic principles of science.

Conducting electricity; even through your body.




Liquid Nitrogen Experiments
Demonstrations on how things can be
chemically frozen.

Gathering in the University Center!

Enjoy lunch with your friends!

Turn in your evaluation at the closing Ceremony for a chance to win a prize.

Sample Hands-On Workshops  | Sample Workshop - Marine Biologist  | Sample Hands-On Workshop Ideas 

Inspiring girls to recognize their potential and pursue opportunities in science and mathematics
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